Montse,s Palomo success reflects the optimism and happiness her paintings transmit. "A warm colorful world of forms". The vitality of this painter and her positive energy is perceptible throughout her work. From Graphic Design in Barcelona and Germany, to the experience of five years as an interior designer in South Africa.Her actual project is Dubai. "I would love to open a door for my Art in this stupendous place in order to spend time, energy and resources in Namibia, Africa". She is a cosmopolitan satisfied of being able to express herself in four languages. "I feel I have something fresh to offer". Montse Palomo is a painter of summer colors . Her big formats, her triptics, her graffism and chromatism make of Montse an exceptional and original painter. "One feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share with her the joy of expression through colors ". Montse Palomo (Painter) Born in Capellades, Barcelona. Lives and works in DeiĆ”,Mallorca. Her paintings are all over Europe and in some galleries of U.S.A.